Shiv Baba Dham

Shiv Baba Dham

Shiv Baba Temple is an attractive pilgrimage site of Bholenath in Akbarpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is located in Ayodhya Harlaka road in Akbarpur, which is about 35 kilometers from Shri Baba Pandit Kamla ji Brahma Sthan and 4 kilometers west of District Headquarters Akbarpur. This temple has a large complex inside which a very famous statue of Lord Shiva is situated is. The idol of God is situated very near to a huge tree. Several deities are placed close to the main revered statue and the elephant statues also bear pictures of elephant statues. A bunch of different types of bells have been installed in the entrance which is the specialty of this remarkable temple. Local residents say that it is a very unique temple and is considered to be one of the most important shrines of Lord Shiva. The most popular Shiva occasion Shiva Maha Shivaratri is celebrated in this ancient and sacred temple. It is a very sacred place for celebrating famous festivals by people who follow Hindu culture. To get a glimpse of Mahadeva's vow, huge kar seva is done inside the city with crowds of people on the streets. Fairs have been organized and people often fast on the night of Shivaratri and sing hymns and praise in the name of Lord Shiva. Devotees from all over the world visit these temples to seek good luck for these devotees on this day. The orange-clad Kanwaria travels barefoot during the Shravan month brings divine water to the kamandal to be offered on the lingam.

Shravan Shetra Dham

Shravan Dham Kshetra

From the mythological point of view, Ambedkar Nagar is associated with the name of devotee son Shravan Kumar, who serves mother and father in the district, it is situated at the confluence of the Tamsa and Visui rivers. Where Ayodhya King Maharaj Dasaratha killed Shravan Kumar on the same Sangam coast when Shravan went to fetch water from the river for his blind parents. This place has been selected for tourism by the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department and a fair is also held here every year. The fair is held every year on Aghan Purnima at the said dham situated in the village panchayat Chiuntipara of the Katehari development block. It is believed that in the Treta Yuga, Mahatma Shravan Kumar, sitting on his blind mother Chandrakala and father garden sage in Kavand, went on a journey to all the four dhams on foot. At the said confluence site of the Tamsa River, Shravan Kumar went to fetch water to quench the parents' thirst. King Dasaratha of Ayodhya was on a hunt. Understanding the sound of soaking a kamandal in water, King Dasharatha shot a wrenching arrow. Due to which Shravan Kumar gave up his life here. Unhappy with this, King Dasharatha reached out to his parents to apologize. He also cursed King Dasaratha to die in son's separation. It is also found in religious texts. A three-day fair has been organized at the said Nirvana site of Shravan Kumar for centuries. For the attainment of the virtuous fruit of the full moon, a crowd of old women and men flies for the purpose of bathing. With this crowd, the fair complex resonates with Shravan Kumar's cheering throughout the day. About 60 km east of this mythical listening area, the temple of Baba Sri Kamla Pandit Brahma Sthan is located in Kichhauchha Dham, here also a fair is held every year on the day of Kartik Shukla Paksha Ekadashi where not only the people of the district but also other people They come with their wishes, in this court, they get freedom from various types of diseases and cures.

Baba Makhdhum Ashraf

Baba Makhdoom Ashraf

The Dargah of internationally renowned Sufi saint Makhdoom Ashraf Simnani in Ambedkar Nagar district is located in Kichhachha. Which used to be the monastery of yogis before them, the excavation of Neer Sarovar was made to bathe these 500 Yogi disciples. It is said about this Sufi saint that he was the emperor of the province of Simnan in Iran. But suddenly his fascination got disturbed by the rule and he left his rule and left the kingdom to pray for himself, and while traveling, he came to Chhachha Dham, this place was beautiful because at that time it was a grove, here it was Kripanidhan Deendayal Bhaktavatsal Anant met shri Baba Kamala Panditji Maharaj and taking permission from Pandit Kamla ji Maharaj, on the banks of the pond, which is known today as Sitka, here (40) according to the recitations of God (austerity) of God (God) for forty-four years, both were the saints of God, so both of them There was also close friendship and together they have been doing the work of public welfare. And presently Baba Shri Pandit Kamla Ji Maharaj Brahma Dev Ji, the Pavitra Pawan tapo evan samadhi site, located about 500 meters north of these mausoleums, has existed since ancient times.

Oghad Baba Mandir

Aughad Baba Temple

The temple of Baba Aughad Ji Maharaj is situated in the village Jeevat (Joutia) adjoining the Kichhauchha market in Jalalpur tehsil located in the district Ambedkaranagar, although detailed information about them is not available - according to the legends - every week of the month on the temple of Aughad Baba Ji Every Tuesday, a large number of people come to the village - people from the neighborhood and even from far flung areas. On this day, especially when people fulfill their wishes, they not only offer darshan but also make pudding as a whole. Let me tell you that this darbar is located at the south and west end of the Baba Kamla Panditji Maharaj's monastery and only about 4 kilometers away from the mausoleum of Makhdoom Ashraf.

Baba Govid Sahab

Baba Govid Saheb

Govind Saheb Dham, situated on the border of Ambedkar Nagar and Azamgarh, is the center of faith. A one-year fair is held here every year and it is believed that every wish is fulfilled by offering khichdi on the day of Govind Dashami to Baba. This is the reason why on this day devotees from not only the country but also from abroad come to see Baba. The fair here starts from the day of Govind Dashami which lasts for about a quarter of a month (75 days), and it is believed that every wish is fulfilled by offering khichdi to Baba.

Baba Govind Saheb, who was a major disciple of Bhikha Saheb, a disciple of Gulal Saheb, the founder of the Gulaal Panth, who was born in 1709, was born in Nagpur village of Jalalpur police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmbedkar Nagar, his father's name Shri. Prithudhar and mother Shri. Dulari Devi The name of your childhood was Govindadhar in the year 1725 and Vikrami Samvat 1782, on Tuesday, the tenth day of Aghan month Shukla Paksha. And the ancient temple of Shri Baba Kamla Panditji Maharaj is located in Nagar Panchayat Ashrafpur Kichhauchha, 4 kilometers from Baskhari market, about 18 kilometers from your darbar.