Brief History

Bramha Sthaan Shri Baba Kamla Pandit Ji Maharaj

In the country of India, the message received by the saints of the Awadh region from time to time on the holy land of the world peace brothers and fodder by many saints and great men is known to the world. There is an ancient miraculous temple on the sacred land of the city panchayat Ashraf Pur Kichaucha (Kamla Nagar), about 25 km east of Ambedkar Nagar (Akbarpur) district, associated with the names of such great men (eg: Shiv Baba, Mahatma Govind Sahab, Aughdar Baba etc. Which is the main center of faith and trust of the public mind. Where the devotees who come from every corner of the country have darshan, puja-archana, get the desired fruit, planet-hurdle-peace, brahma hurdle, phantom hurdle, do-it-yourself, etc., and the childless couple would get children. There are always thousands of devotees here.

The temple of Brahmasthan Kripanidhan, Deendayal, Bhaktavatsal Anant Baba Shri Kamla Panditji Maharaj is really the only place in the thread of unity of Ganga-Yamuni culture, not only Hindu-Muslim but also the center of wonderful inclusion and equal faith of all caste, religion, sect.

Let me tell you that 777 years ago this place was a very beautiful grove, surrounded by a crooked river from the south to the northern end to the eastern end which has narrowed to the present time and has been converted into a lake. On the banks of this river, Siddha Mahapurush Yogi Guru Shri Tarnapnathji and Bhootnath lived with 500 disciples, where there were hundreds of beautiful small and large pagoda i.e. Shiva temples built by Guru Tarnapath and echo of bells, gharial, shankhanad etc. It used to resonate in all four directions, the fame of this place spread far and wide. The devotion of Lord Shiva was famous for the welfare and fulfillment of people suffering from ghosts and demons by the divine power gained by worship and penance. In his service (according to the famous historian Dr. Ram Vihari, the investigator of Ram Van Gaman Marg, the chair man of the Kosala Shodh Sansthan). There was no shortage of money and wealth, due to the gradual aging, there was a disturbance in the mind that the lap is still deserted.

{Due to not having children, people next door used to shrug and taunt them in the morning, there was a lot of remorse in the mind, but could not muster the courage to express the wish of getting a son from his mentor Tarapan Nath ji. Decided that we must tell our mentality to Guruji} Finally, the next morning, Guru Tarnap reached the shelter of Nathji, Guru was meditating in the worship of Lord Shiva ...After some time, when the worship was over, Pandit Atmaram's wife Gyanmati ji immediately got into the Guru's feet and became emotional ... So the Guru learned the agony of these two couples with their supernatural, spiritual power in a moment. And said ... Both of you always selfless my service is a supreme devotee, but what can I do by doing that what is written in destiny will remain as it is ... Immediately Pandit Atmaram should speak ... Guruji, what you mean to say We did not understand what you want to say?

Guru ji said that no one walks in front of the irony of God, in the fate of both of you, the happiness of the child has not been written by the creator. Hearing this, there was a severe thunderclap on the heart of both of them and after receiving a lot of thinking, the mind was distraught and could not say anything! We are getting to see whether our wish will never be fulfilled. Will any devotee trust Guru and God? ...

The Guriji became speechless…

Finally Guru Tarnap Nath ji gave a lot of sermons, explained things about the morality, but Atmaram ji did not understand anything, and remained steadfast in his stubbornness. In the end, Guru Ji said that the desire to attain your son will be fulfilled, the stigma of your infertility will be eradicated, but I want a promise… that when your children are 5 years old, they will be handed over to me… Pandit on this matter Atmaram ji once again got the grief that happiness would come in our courtyard and go back again ... So Guru ji sensed the mind and said ... Renounce Atmaram's mind, your child will be very bright and public welfare, whose fame will spread in the world, due to which your name will be immortal and because of this you will also be worshiped, even though The child will remain with us, but whenever the attachment (Mamta) of this child distracts you, only then you can come to meet. Hearing this, the pangs of Pandit Atmaram's wife Gyanmati were reduced and patiently said, I obey you, Guru Tarpan Nath Maharaj ji meditated on God and became blessed by the blessings of Prasad and son, both of them got married He went to his home by bowing his head at the feet of. Mata Gyanmati Ji received the prasad received by the Guru after remembering God and the Guru. Time passed ... Mother Gyanmati received the pregnancy and gradually the wait of the watches also ended, the moment that was eagerly awaited, the holy day has come.

On the auspicious day of Kartik Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, on the auspicious day of 128 AD, a very beautiful Sukomal stunning child was born in Brahma Muhurta. In the house that had been heard for many years, the fortunes of the boy erupted, the women of the city expressed happiness by singing the songs of Sohar and Mangal, seeing the image of the child, mother-father-in-law, Atmaram ji had a sea of ​​happiness. Many thanks to Guruji with folded hands and donated openly to the poor and oppressed and the Brahmins, and after a few days, the parents come to receive the blessings of the Guru by taking their stunning son. Guru Tarnapath was very pleased. The grace of the boy being beautiful and delicate as a lotus flower, Guru Ji named your name Kamal Nath and gave his blessings.

Finally the time came when the child Kamal Nath was 5 years old, when the parents hardened their thoracic site to fulfill the Guru's word, and dedicated their son Kamal Nath at the feet of Guru Tarpannathji, then after seeing this stunning child. Care education- The initiation started by the Guru, you could easily learn the knowledge and knowledge received from Guru Tarnapnath ji and have always been absorbed in God from the time of worship and Shiva. As time went on, you became proficient in all the disciplines. Due to his knowledge skills, he became the best and most knowledgeable among the five hundred disciples. Like the Guru, he would do public welfare, always ready to serve the Guru. In the course of time, Guru Tarnapnath ji, before being ordained, handed over all his work to his beloved disciple Kamal Nath and became a samadhi.

He started doing public welfare with the knowledge and supernatural powers received by his Guru and the divine tapobal, and his fame started spreading far and wide and the movement of devotees and devotees increased. He used to worship God in a beautiful garden on the banks of the river Tehri (present day pond), 500 meters north of his Guru Tarnap Nathji's Taposthali, where your tomb is present today.

After listening to your fame, Raja Rani of Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, who was suffering from leprosy, after much treatment, both (Kamla Nagar) came to Kichouchha Dham and prayed their humble praise to Sir Raja at your stage, which pleased you Ordered that both of you remember God in the river and take a bath while chanting the Namah Shivaya Mantra. According to your orders, both the king and queen meditated on God and took 5 dips while chanting the 'Om Namah Shivaya Mantra'. After that, as soon as their eyesight fell on their body, they saw that the leprosy had ended, they seemed to have some disease Not only then, declaring your name Jai fell at your feet and said that with your grace and blessings we have got a new life. We will continue to sing your praise for life ... Raja Rani said that your name should not be Kamal Nath, Pandit Kamal, since then you became famous by the name of Pandit Kamal or Kamal Pandit. While praising Shri Baba Kamal Pandit ji and asking the king and queen to go back to their house after praying to you, Baba Kamla Pandit ji told both the king and queen that - go and keep chanting the name of God, King Rani Baba went to his house after paying homage to Kamal Pandit.

When the king-queen reached his kingdom, the residents of the city started asking the king, where and how did you get free from this disease, the king told the people on the question that Baba Guru Tarnapnath of Kichhauchha Dham, Prant-Avadhpur (present Ayodhya) With the miracle of Shri Baba Kamal Pandit ji's disciple, both of us husband and wife got free from this disease and countless such incidents happen there everyday, which is a difficult task to tell.

You were the best among your disciple's 500 disciples and the chief of your disciples, Swami Pawar ji was close to you, serving you and Swami Chandrika Dev was always ready to protect you, you were doing public welfare like your Guru Tarnap Nath ji in your shelter. Whoever comes crying we go laughing with your blessings. After years, when your wish was to be Brahmin, then you should not disturb your work load and dignity of place, for this, ordered the close disciple Pawar that you can maintain and maintain here any kind of devotees. Do not worry, take responsibility, I am happy with your service, your future generations will continue to worship me, I will always be with you, my grace will always be on my servants and by them I will definitely accept worship, havan, chanting etc.

Prepare to make Samadhi for my Samadhi, all the disciples became very worried and distraught after hearing this sentence and then started digging Chaukoni Samadhi as per the order of Guru. Samadhi was ready in no time. Pandit Kamla Ji Maharaj (Kamal Nath) Samadhi Before entering the disciples, I ordered the disciples that after my tombstone, to cover me from the top, I will always remain with you, and after entering the tomb, the disciples covered the samadhi from above while they were absorbed in the yoga-posture. About 1 month was spent with the grieving disciples and had given up their endurance and had become impatient without Guru ji, so Guru Sri Kamla Panditji wanted to know the position of Maharaj and the devotee Pawar removed the upper cover of the Samadhi to see it. Tried and as soon as the cover was removed, as many suns like the tee-pan had grown enough, no one understood anything, they trembled in fear. Immediately they kept the cover undone and all the people came together praising, praying to God. After some time, that divine fast became peaceful. All the disciples continued to worship you at your tomb every day.

As your brahma-sharp glory, this Samadhi Sthal is ever-revered for ages. for the welfare of all mankind, for providing fruitful desires, diseases, sorrows, obstructions, planets and peace-bearers.

The year 1340 A.D. I attained samadhi on the full moon date of Aghan month. Since then, the Aghania fair was also started, devotees started serving and caring for the Pawar place and they have been serving them from generation to generation, Your (Bhakt Pawar Ji Maharaj) appeared eighth generation Swami Sant Prasad ji indirectly, Living orders for every task and you merged into the five elements, leaving the mortal body on 15 December 2019. In the care of the present Mahant Swami Shri Ramnayan Ji Maharaj and Pujari Shri Ramshankar Ji Maharaj, Priest Shri Shyamsunder, Priest Shri Murali Prasad ji, on this day every year, on the day of Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, the birth anniversary of the most revered Anant Baba Shri Kamla Pandit ji Maharaj Celebrated with is a three-day program in which thousands of people come from far flung places to visit. His Brahma obstacle gets relief from leprosy, inferiority, insanity, etc., people of every sect come to your shelter, their wishes are fulfilled, the philosophy of all the devotees, devotees who come to the dargah is incomplete without seeing you.